One of my biggest wishes in life was to get to work on a TV show where I felt like I was part of the family. Interestingly, throughout my whole 14 years of experience in the business, I've never actually gotten the opportunity to grow with a show. I've gotten to do pilots, but none got picked up, or I got to guest star on shows that were already running. But it's a whole different experience when you get to be there at the start and then live out a story over a whole season with the same group.

It was such an exciting moment when I found out that the pilot we shot last November had gotten picked up by TV Land. I literally couldn't believe it. I had done so many projects in the past and NONE of them had ever made it to TV, it seemed surreal that it was finally happening. And the crazy part... it was like the best case scenario. 

Since the show was moved from TV Land to the new Paramount Network (formerly known as Spike TV) the network gave the show creators so much freedom to do what they wanted with the show. That meant that everyone could make art the way they wanted to make art. That meant everyone was super passionate about what we were creating together. From the wardrobe stylists and set decorators getting to go all out with fun, crazy, they-probably-couldn't-do-it-anywhere-else outfits and sets, to the writers getting to write in absurd things that probably wouldn't happen on any other show, to the actors getting to showcase their random talents because the writers were actually writing FOR THEM. It was a dream come true for everyone. Not to mention, the energy on set was magical.

So many of the cast members were relatively new to the industry so there were no egos, less complaining, and a whole lot of positivity and passion to create something amazing. I literally saw no drama on this set, over the course of like 3 months. You'd think there'd be at least ONE bad apple! But we lucked out. 

My experience with this cast was so awesome. We hang out outside of set, biking down the beach path, attending improv shows, karaoking, etc. Everyone is a character of their own but it makes for a really intriguing and entertaining group.

Our show teaser premiered at the VMAs which started a nice little buzz around the show. I didn't realize what a cult following Heathers has. Like most things amazing, there's both people who are super stoked to see it, and others who are already hating on it because it's different than the original movie. If you aren't aware, Heathers was originally a movie from the 80s starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. It's a dark comedy, similar to Mean Girls, but people die. 

We just had a really cool activation at New York Comic Con. Heathers was all over the bathrooms. It was pretty sweet. I'm really looking forward to all that's to come. We are supposed to premiere on Paramount Network early 2018. I'll keep you posted!!

Check out a teaser clip of my character: